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All About Testosterone!

The hormone that was named, then first synthesized, in the 1930’s has been a topic of conversation and controversy ever since.  Testosterone is also a commonly used anabolic steroid, meaning forms of it can be illegal to obtain in certain countries without a prescription.  However, the benefits advertised make it sound like the fountain of youth. Promising to increase endurance, increase muscle mass and strength, improve brain function and more.  If you are considering using a testosterone supplement, be sure to do your research to better understand how it may affect you.  Also, there are a few ways you can maintain, or increase, your testosterone levels naturally.  A good starting point to learn more about this critical hormone is the article linked below by

Source: All About Testosterone!

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  • Kit

    Thank you for this very informative post. I guess instead of taking supplements for testosterone, it is better to increase it naturally as there are no side effects that we will regret later on.

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