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5 Healthy Infographics You Can Apply Today

Written by Robert Connolly

We are continuously inundated with information due to a daily bombardment of emails, texts, and social media alerts.  We mentally cycle through so much data that sometimes it can feel like our short-term memory acts more like a shield than a sponge, quickly repelling information that we unconsciously dismiss as unworthy of remembering.  We tell ourselves that we are retaining information, but we have already swiped to the next article or video before our complex network of neurons can capture, retain and later retrieve the event that had just passed us by. 

As life seems to slowly, but surely, accelerate every day, here are five, healthy infographics that I hope will stimulate one of those neurons and plant a memory, even if it is only a small seed.

Benefits of fruits

Picking a protein powder

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Eliminate harsh chemicals

Say NO to corn syrup

Reduce cancer risk

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