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5 (more) Healthy Infographics

Written by Robert Connolly

We hear about health and immunity often, but have you taken a few minutes to truly focus on the current state of your immune system? Try not to brush it off another day and take some time to evaluate your recent eating habits, mental health and physical activity. It could only take one small action on your part to “reset” your motivation and discipline to get back on track to a healthier lifestyle. Pick out one action to complete today from the infographics below. Or, try taking a 20 minute walk outside to get some fresh air and maybe make eye contact with someone new that isn’t on a video call. You may be surprised on how nice some true social interaction may be, even if the other person is socially distanced from across the street. As you walk, remember, keep your head up high and throw out a few friendly hand waves, it may just heighten that persons day (and yours).

Bulk up your immune system

Ingredients to avoid

One positive thought

Ginger power

Fight inflammation

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