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Recovery after a workout is important

So, you’ve already made it over the first hump and are now exercising regularly.  This may be a good time to begin thinking about maximizing your recovery.  Before you tune me out and think recovery methods only benefit extreme lifters and athletes, check out the article from Men’s Fitness.  It is a quick read and can plant a seed in your brain to indulge on for a while.  A common theme from my past posts about starting small to reach your end goal can be applied here too.  There are multiple steps that can be taken to help you recover better and quicker.  If you are experiencing muscle soreness that can last up to four days, pick one or two of the methods mentioned in the article and try them for a week or two.  Over time, begin to work on other recovery improvement methods.  Also, I courage you to use this starter guide, but continue to do more research to find the best recovery methods that work for your body and workout style and consult with a professional trainer, if needed.

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Our expert answers your question about how to speed up the recovery process after intense workouts.

Source: How To Recover Faster After Workouts | Men’s Fitness

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