Don’t quit that workout! 

Most people never intend to quit short of achieving their goal or objective, but sometimes certain factors may appear or thoughts of doubt emerge spontaneously in your conscience.  These various factors or thoughts may eventually compile and build up enough power to quickly flip your emotions and desires from wanting to pursue triumph, to accepting failure, in only a few minutes.  Before you make that final decision, remember to cycle through the items in the checklist from Runner’s World.  It is a good guide to follow and may not only help improve the efficiency of your workouts, but could help with motivation too.

  1. What is the purpose of the workout?
  2. Is your workout goal realistic?
  3. Can you benefit from breaking the desired volume into shorter chunks?
  4. Can you switch to a different type of workout?
  5. Are outside factors affecting your workout?
  6. Are you having a specific bodily pain?
  7. How should you train on subsequent days?
  8. Is this bad workout part of a pattern?
  9. Are you at risk of development bad mental habits?

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Written by Robert Connolly

Source: 9 Things to Consider Before Bailing on a Workout | Runner’s World

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