Beginner at the gym? Avoid these mistakes.

You have made a decision to improve your health in 2018. Motivation is high and now you are working on building your discipline skill set to carry you though to achieving your goal (read Motivation vs. Discipline post).  There are many ways to integrate fitness into your normal routine from home workouts, various outdoor activities, or becoming a member at your local gym.  If you have chosen the latter, check out this article by Muscle & Fitness about the worst rookie mistakes you can make in the gym.   Here is the quick rundown on what to avoid:

  1. Following the Routines of the Pros
  2. Skipping the Warmup
  3. Avoiding the Basics
  4. Going Too Heavy, Too Soon
  5. Overtraining
  6. Training What’s Fun, Ignoring What’s Not
  7. Picking the Wrong Partner
  8. Being Impatient

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Written by Robert Connolly

Source: The Worst Rookie Mistakes a Beginner Can Make at the Gym | Muscle & Fitness

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