How to gain lean muscle mass 

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If you have not yet set a fitness goal for yourself in 2018, now is the time.  What are your priorities? Are you looking to lose weight for summer, gain strength, build mass, or improve your diet?  Any of these are good steps towards improving your overall health and keeping you out of the dreaded doctors office. What ever goal suits you at this point in time, remember to start small and set manageable goals that will give you the best chance for success.  If your goal is to gain lean muscle mass, check out this article from Men’s Fitness.  I’ve also shared a similar, personal success story in previous blog that you can access here.  The advice in the article is a simple approach that will give you results, but you’ll need to remain disciplined and patient.

Here are some key components for lean mass gains:

  1. Diet: wholefoods, good ratio of protein/carbs/fat
  2. Small caloric surplus
  3. Cardio
  4. Slightly reduce your calorie in-take for small periods of time
  5. Keep lifting heavy
  6. Focus on compound lifts
  7. Avoid binging
  8. Do HIIT training
  9. Minimize alcohol
  10. Use creatine
  11. Protein shakes, as needed
  12. Consume carbs around your workout

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Written by Robert Connolly

Source: 15 Ways to Gain Lean Muscle Mass While Staying Ripped | Men’s Fitness

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