CrossFit workouts for home or traveling

Written by Robert Connolly

While traveling this week, I decided to try a no-weight CrossFit workout I read in Muscle & Fitness.  There are a few to choose from in the article and I randomly selected a workout shared by Tia-Clair Toomy, the 2017 Fittest Woman on Earth.  It is an “Every Minute on the Minute” style workout that includes four rounds, each round being 5 minutes long.

Four rounds:

Min 1: 100m sprint

Min 2: 10-15 pushups

Min 3: 20-25 air squats

Min 4: 7-10 burpees

Min 5: Rest

Overall, I thought it was a good workout, especially, since I was away from home and had limited time in the evenings this week.  It also engaged muscles I had seemed to ignore recently as I did feel a little tender in certain muscle groups the follow day.  A “good” soreness that lead me to believe I did something meaningful in the workout.  After round 1 and 2, I had thoughts that I may had picked a workout that was a little too easy (I was doing the max reps listed and a slightly over a 100m run outdoors).  I used an automatic reset timer on my watch to ensure I was keeping exactly to the minute for each exercise.  By Round 3, I began to notice I was begin to lag a little and gasping for more air.  Minutes began to feel like seconds.  Round 4, a small mental battle begins in my head.  Debating with myself if I should go “all-out” for Round 4 or keep the same pace.  “Of course go all out, there’s only one round left,” I had to quickly convince myself.  One of those self talks you feel you shouldn’t need to have. The final round 100m run, all-out, left me with my hands on my hips looking for any ounce of air I could sweep into my lungs, and fast, Min 2 was approaching rapidly.  Push ups, easy. Air Squats, done. Burpees, another mental dilemma, but finished strong.  The slow walk back in a nice breeze, with some time to think (technology free), was a good way to end this workout.

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Source: CrossFit Workouts You Can Do at Home | Muscle & Fitness

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