New guidelines will instantly diagnose an additional 31 million Americans with high blood pressure

Due to changes in blood pressure criteria made by the American Heart Association (AHA), millions of Americans “…will need to change their lifestyles or take medicines to treat…” their newly diagnosed condition, according to an article in the The New York Times.  This startling update from the already controversial AHA prompts the need for further investigation on the impact and true agenda of this decision.  Western medicine has provided many benefits to society, but these benefits also come with less transparent, more sinister, opportunistic business agendas.  AHA is a known lobbyist group, non-profit business, that manages to collect nearly 1 billion dollars USD every year to push various pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

Question to ponder #1: How many more unnecessary prescriptions will now be pushed onto millions of patients to meet these new standards, as opposed to, encouraging a moderate ‘lifestyle’ change to naturally control blood pressure?

This is not the first time the AHA has changed guidelines that resulted in an increased supply of prescription drugs.  In 2013, the AHA targeted cholesterol levels, changing guidelines that would make 13 million additional people in the U.S. eligible to receive statin therapy.  Again, the focus being on the potential increase of prescription drugs when attention and energy should have been spent on encouraging and facilitating a change to our overall eating habits and lifestyle.  However, the latter would not be as profitable for many companies.

Question to ponder #2: How many people do you know that have been prescibed a ‘preventative’ cholesterol-lowering prescription drug only because they reached  a certain age and told it may lower their risk of cardiovascular disease in the future?

Here are a few, natural ways you can try to help maintain your blood pressure and lower your cholesterol.

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Written by Robert Connolly


Under New Guidelines, Millions More Americans Will Need to Lower Blood Pressure – The New York Times [Statin study in this article was funded by the ACC/AHA and the author and co-author have disclosed relationships with statin producing companies.  This was not a third party study and can have conflict of interests]

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